Why the Shift to IP Video Surveillance

Video SurveillanceContemporary Controls recently published an article in AutomatedBuildings.com about the shift to IP video surveillance.

The shift from analog to digital technology has created opportunities for a new way of thinking of how security systems are installed. One of the many benefits of IP video surveillance technology, compared with traditional analog video equipment, is that digital video is compressed and run across standard Ethernet networks using IP which is the same protocol used in corporate networks and the Internet. Developing an IP surveillance system can be simple and cost-effective.

However, there are some technical requirements to consider when installing an IP surveillance system, or transitioning from an existing analog system to a high-functioning IP surveillance system. Considerations include network bandwidth and latency, network features and capacity, wired or wireless and more. Network switches make it easy to increase the bandwidth capacity of a network simply by adding switches/routers. Some switch technologies can also optimize bandwidth usage. Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology is ideal for IP surveillance systems.

Read more at IP Technology Fuels Growth of Video Surveillance.


What makes an Actuator Energy Efficient?

Belimo actuatorBelimo Smoke Actuators offer the advantage of energy savings with their patented motor technology.


  • Monitor and Control Motor Rotation
  • Measure actuator position to optimize system
  • Reduced power use in hold conditions
  • Increased gear train life through logic control

-Brushless DC Motors (BDCM)

  • Lower power usage compared to Brushed Motors
  • BDCM produce more torque per watt
  • Greater motor life

-Line Voltage Models

  • Voltage switch controller
  • ->low power consumption ( W )

When Belimo compares the energy savings of their actuators to other brands, heres what they see…

Belimo actuator


NFBUP-S vs. Brand X
• 82% lower power consumption
FSAF24 US vs. Brand X
• 80% lower power consumption




CCI carries Belimo smoke damper actuators and many other Belimo products. Contact us at 781-335-8353 or through our online controls store.

Sedona Project Backup and Restore Utility


BAScontrol20 from Contemporary Controls

BASControl20 from Contemporary Controls

Contemporary Controls has made available the Sedona Project Backup and Restore utility program (BASbackup) which provides a convenient way of saving a BAScontrol20 project to a desktop or laptop computer. With the BAScontrol20, a project consists of the following files:

  • Sedona Framework binary application file (app.sab.target)
  • Sedona Framework source application file (app.sax)
  • BAScontrol20 configuration file (bas_cfg.xml)
  • BAScontrol20 web component file (webc.xml)

These files are sufficient to completely backup a BAScontrol20 project without the need of a Workbench tool. Although Sedona files can be backed up and restored using the Workbench tool using the Get and Put commands, the BAScontrol20 configuration and web component configurations are ignored. Therefore the Sedona Project Backup and Restore utility is the best and simplest way to store BAScontrol20 projects. The BASbackup program is applicable to BAScontrol20 firmware of 3.0.28 and later.

Download the information sheet to learn more.


Honeywell Diamond Distributors 2015

Honeywell Diamond Distributor Honeywell recently announced it’s 2015 Diamond Distributors, and we are excited to receive the distinction. As a Diamond Distributor, we are recognized by Honeywell as a top controls distributor – the best part is that this enables us to pass the advantages of this program on to our customers through excellent pricing, product support, and training.

This is the full list of 2015 Honeywell Diamond Distributors:

Broudy Precision Equipment in West Conshohocken, PA

Control Consultants, Inc. in Weymouth, MA

Control Depot in Omaha, NE

Ener-Tech Industries & Quality Controls in Nashingville, TN & Birmingham, AL

M&M Controls & United Refrigeration, Inc. in Timonium, MD & Elmsford, NY

Stromquist & Co. in Symrna, GA

Universal Supply Group in Hawthorne, NJ

WestExcel Automation in Regina, SK

Visit our online store or contact us at 781-335-8353 for more information about our Honeywell products and trainings. 

Redundant Sump Pump Controller



If your home is in a low-lying area prone to flooding and you have experienced a flooded basement more than once, you are acutely aware of redundant sump pump schemes. And if your area has overhead power lines, losing power in a storm is your worst nightmare. Installing a backed-up battery sump pump for emergencies is common, but they lack pumping power, need periodic exercising and lack energy capacity for long outages. Portable gasoline generators have more energy capacity but you must be home during a storm to start the generator. Probably the best solution is a natural gas-fired standby generator with an automatic transfer switch. Finally, add a second pump in your sump in case one fails.

Contemporary Controls has published an application note that describes a redundant sump pump controller system that incorporates a BASremote BACnet controller executing Sedona Framework logic to run the redundant pumping application. Redundancy is stressed in different points of the design. Alarm and event messages are sent via email alerts. Remote access to the controller is accomplished by opening up ports on the homeowner’s residential gateway. The two sump pumps are provided a lead-lag sequence to even out run times and to verify that each pump is operating properly.

Although this is a residential application, it shows the capabilities of the BASremote as a versatile BACnet/IP controller that is freely programmable using Sedona Framework and I/O expandable via a Modbus serial port. Its Ethernet port directly connects to the homeowner’s residential gateway for sending out emails and for displaying its web pages.


RDY2000 Thermostat from Siemens

RDY2000 Siemens ThermostatRDY2000 is a new light commercial thermostat from Siemens. Designed for light commmercial HVAC systems with 24VAC control circuitry, the RDY2000 Room Comfort Controller is compatible with:

  • forced air,
  • hydronic, or
  • steam systems fired by gas, oil or electricity.

The thermostat can control up to 3 stages of heating and 3 stages of cooling in a conventional system and heat pumps systems with up to 2 compressors and 2 stages of auxiliary/emergency heat. The RDY2000 is capable of interfacing with remote sensors and devices to completely manage all aspects of room comfort, including temperature, humidity, and air quality.

RDY2000 Applications
It provides the features and functionality expected of a thermostat plus the ability to interface with humidity control equipment, ventilation systems, and even lighting/signage controls. The Siemens RDY2000 is the perfect thermostat for rooftop units and split systems found in strip malls and other small retail/office facilities.

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Part 3: Photos of a Carbon Monoxide Gas Detection System

This is the third and final part of a case study on Implementing a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detection System in a car dealership’s service area.
Part 1:  Designing a Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detection System and
Part 2: Start Up and Commissioning of A Carbon Monoxide (CO) Gas Detection System

The following photos were taken at the car dealership.

Networked Gas Detection SensorCar Dealership Service Area: Honeywell Analytics E3Point system installed to protect service technicians from Carbon Monoxide exposure. The E3Point system has become the industry standard for CO detection in commercial space. 

E3Point Honeywell AnalyticsE3Point Networked Carbon Monoxide (CO) Sensor located in service technician’s work area. Networked sensors are easy to install and only require 4 wires. Versions of the E3Point sensor include: Carbon Monoxide (CO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2), Oxygen (O2), Hydrogen (H2), Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), Methane (CH4) and Propane (C3H8).


Gas detection calibrationCalibrating an E3Point Carbon Monoxide sensor is required to ensure proper accuracy and functionality of the sensor. Calibration is quick and easy, and each sensor can be commissioned in less than 5 minutes.


301C Controller Honeywell AnalyticsThe Honeywell Analytics 301C Controller communicates with a network of E3Point Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensors. The 301C is capable of monitoring a network of up to 96 sensors. Versions of the 301C controller are also available with data-logging and Bacnet IP communication abilities.


Honeywell Analytics Gas Detection ControllerWiring the 301C controller is clean and simple. The 301C is freely programmable and features 4 onboard relays and 1 Horn Buzzer for sequencing of ventilation systems and alarms.


Honeywell Analytics E3Point CO SensorStand Alone version of the E3Point Carbon Monoxide (CO) sensor. This sensor is located within a Service Drive Thru area small enough to require only one sensor in the space. The Stand Alone CO sensor has 2 onboard relays and a Horn Buzzer. In this application the sensor is wired to energize an exhaust fan, open the garage doors and sound an alarm horn in response to increasing levels of CO in the space.

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