New Faces Around CCI

This summer, we’ve been joined by a few new faces around the CCI office like this one!

Control Consuiltants Inc's Newest Member


Her name is Vicky. She can typically be found in the Engineering Office with James, who is back in the Engineering Department after taking a one year leave to earn an MSc in Intelligent Building Technology and Management at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology.

James has transitioned from the Engineering role he previously held into working hands-on with DDC programming in the Niagara framework. He’s also looking forward to focusing on new ways in which CCI provides energy efficient solutions for our customers.

We asked James to tell us more about the school, what he studied, and Vicky.

The School
“The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is located in the Clear Water Bay district of Hong Kong. The campus is great. It’s away from downtown, and surrounded by mountains and beaches. The school has about 10,000 students. I was part of the Mechanical Engineering department.”

The Degree
“The MSc in Intelligent Building Technology and Management is designed for professionals already in the field, and covers all aspect of building automation: HVAC, lighting, security, IT, IoT, home automation, etc. The program places a strong emphasis on energy efficiency.

Hong Kong is the most vertical city in the world. It was amazing to learn about building systems in a city dominated by skyscrapers. I saw inside huge mechanical rooms and saw how some of these mega buildings work. I also saw incredible research going on at the school that could affect the future of our industry. They are working on developing technology for wearable devices, smart-grid technology and personalized comfort for the office space. ”

“I became friendly with a woman who ran an amazing dog shelter in a rural part of Hong Kong. Every weekend she would bring a pen full of puppies to town and give them away for free to people who wanted to adopt. Vicky was found along with her 5 siblings (just weeks old) in a cardboard box at the top of Victoria Peak in Hong Kong. The puppies were all rescued by the shelter, and that’s where I met them. I knew Vicky was the one when she crawled up to me and refused to leave!”

Mass Save Variable Frequency Drive Retrofit Rebate Program

Over the past year, CCI and our customers have worked closely with the Program Administrators at Mass Save to bring energy savings and rebates to end users throughout Massachusetts.

The Variable Frequency Drive Mass Save Rebate Program
Honeywell Variable Frequency DriveThis rebate program focuses on retrofitting Variable Frequency Drives to existing equipment to control the speed of the motors on HVAC specific pumps and fans. The addition of controlled VFDs is a proven energy savings measure on three phase motors currently operating at full speed, 60 hz. Calculated savings show that a motor operating at 54 Hz (10% reduction in power consumption) equates to energy cost savings of 27%. In a majority of the applications we have come across the existing motors on pumps and fans are oversized by at least 10% so the reduced speed isn’t even noticed by the occupants.

mass_saveThe engineers at Mass Save have calculated the energy savings associated with VFDs and have created a Prescriptive Rebate Program. They have pledged a fixed amount of cash based on motor horsepower per drive installed on existing motors for fans and pumps. In 2014, Control Consultants, Inc. worked with Mass Save to administer many successful VFD installations all over the Commonwealth. The end users we worked with have collected over $100,000 in rebate dollars and will continue to have year over year energy savings.

CCI’s Turnkey Mass Save Rebate Services
CCI has created tools for our customers to help facilitate as many successful projects as possible. Our turnkey service includes: assistance presenting the opportunity to your customer in the form of a one page proposal, calculating the energy savings estimates, filling out the Mass Save rebate application, supplying program approved VFDs, and providing factory start up on the drives. Our successful customers are able to show their customers as simple ROI of less than two years.

How Can CCI Assist You?
If you are a Massachusetts contractor working on commercial buildings, contact us to talk about how you can leverage the Mass Save rebate program. We can also discuss how CCI can help you generate new business and how we can make it easy for you!

MVN Rotary Valve Actuator

Honeywell MVN rotary valve actuator

Honeywell MVN rotary valve actuator

Are you a Mechanical Contractor or Control Contractor that has been looking for an actuator with tool-free installation and installation flexibility? Well, let me introduce you to the newest product of the Honeywell family. The MVN rotary valve actuator for use with control ball valves and pressure regulated control valves. This valve actuator will reduce cost associated with mechanical and electrical installation. The new innovative design makes assembly very easy.

Honeywell’s exclusive click on assembly simply snaps right on onto the valve with no tools needed. It has a position indicator which shows the position of the valve from any angle which makes it great for testing and commissioning. The MVN has a compact design which can help you take advantage of working room in small spaces. The MVN has options like a removable terminal block, and a conduit connection to give the contractor flexibility. The MVN come’s floating, fast acting, and modulating.

Control Consultants can be your #1 supplier of MVN actuators that can be used on valves from ½” to 1 ¼” , and we stock the full range of valves to go with it. The MVN is an excellent choice because it’s fast, offers easy installation, and helps you finish projects on time and under budget. You take pride in doing the job right; your customers depend on getting the best products from you.

CCI can provide you with Honeywell products that you can trust with the backing of a 5 year warranty.  For more information, visit our online store or call us at 781-335-8353.

Show your customers how to take advantage of Mass Save Rebates

Lyric Thermostat from HoneywellA thermostat would be at the top of the list if you made a list of common items found in every house. Most homes have multiple thermostats and these days they come in all shapes and sizes. There are thermostats that talk to us, learn our schedules, and can be controlled with our smart phones. All these features are nice add-on’s but the bottom line is they help save energy. These features have also caused the thermostat price to increase for the homeowner, but with the help of the Mass Save rebate program your customer can offset the price of a new thermostat.

Mass Save has two different rebate programs one for programmable thermostats and another for Wi-Fi thermostats.

Mass Save will give your customer a $25 rebate for every programmable thermostat purchased up to two thermostats a year. A programmable thermostat will save your customer anywhere from 5-10% on their energy bill by allowing them to set a schedule based on their occupancy of the house.

For WiFi thermostats, Mass Save offers a $100 rebate for every thermostat (up to two stats per year). The reason why your customer gets back more for a WiFi stat is the flexibility it gives the customer to adjust the settings remotely. They can adjust the thermostat schedule based on their real time schedule.

Click here to access the simple one page application

Must be a residential natural gas heating customer of a participating Gas Networks utility company. Companies in the GasNetwork include Berkshire Gas, Blackstone Gas Company, Columbia Gas of Massachusetts, Eversource, Liberty Utilities, National Grid, and Until.

A complete list of Mass Save program guidelines

Have an old thermostat that contains mercury?
CCI is a collection center for the Thermostat Recycling Corporation. Stop by and drop that old thermostat off or look online to find the nearest recycling center.

EnOcean Technology Explained (Video)

Interested in learning more about EnOcean technology? This video from the EnOcean Alliance is a great place to start.

“EnOcean technology provides a simple and unique way to save energy and new materials, reduce operating costs, and lower total cost of ownership – whilst increasing comfort, security, and flexiblity.”

CCI carries a number of EnOcean wireless products, contact us at (781)335-8353 or visit our online store for more information.



Plug Load Devices Can Reduce and Measure Energy Use

Plug load smart device from Plug-ItElectronics in the workplace use a considerable amount of energy. Studies through the Green Proving Ground Program show that around 25% of electricity is lost to phantom power in US commercial buildings and significant savings result when using advanced power strips to control plug load. Advanced power strips and timers can start to reduce phantom plug load losses but Plug-IT goes beyond by measuring actual energy use and allowing companies to control use through their existing Wi-Fi Networks. Plug-IT works with Niagara Framework software with a programmable on/off schedule and allows automatic remote plug load control 24 hours a day.

Plug-IT can also help companies take advantage of utility rebates and meet the latest ASRAE 90.1 standards when controlling at least 50% of wall receptacle plug loads. Plug-IT won the top new product award in 2014 at the Niagara Summit hosted by Tridium. The award recognizes excellence in developing a new product that interfaces with or is built on the Niagara Framework.

The Plug-IT Calculator is a tool to give you an idea of what your company can expect to save.

Learn more about plug load devices from Plug-IT to start taking control of your  plug load!

The Application Engineer and the Mascot

We’ve got some Bruins fans among us here at CCI. A couple of them were at the Bruins game last night against the New Jersey Devils. If you were at TD Garden or watching the game last night, you may have even seen them on the Jumbotron – or paling around the Garden with their new friend Blades!

CCI and the Bruins Mascot

The Bruins Mascot, Blades, hanging out with CCI’s Application Engineer