EnOcean Technology Explained (Video)

Interested in learning more about EnOcean technology? This video from the EnOcean Alliance is a great place to start.

“EnOcean technology provides a simple and unique way to save energy and new materials, reduce operating costs, and lower total cost of ownership – whilst increasing comfort, security, and flexiblity.”

CCI carries a number of EnOcean wireless products, contact us at (781)335-8353 or visit our online store for more information.



Plug Load Devices Can Reduce and Measure Energy Use

Plug load smart device from Plug-ItElectronics in the workplace use a considerable amount of energy. Studies through the Green Proving Ground Program show that around 25% of electricity is lost to phantom power in US commercial buildings and significant savings result when using advanced power strips to control plug load. Advanced power strips and timers can start to reduce phantom plug load losses but Plug-IT goes beyond by measuring actual energy use and allowing companies to control use through their existing Wi-Fi Networks. Plug-IT works with Niagara Framework software with a programmable on/off schedule and allows automatic remote plug load control 24 hours a day.

Plug-IT can also help companies take advantage of utility rebates and meet the latest ASRAE 90.1 standards when controlling at least 50% of wall receptacle plug loads. Plug-IT won the top new product award in 2014 at the Niagara Summit hosted by Tridium. The award recognizes excellence in developing a new product that interfaces with or is built on the Niagara Framework.

The Plug-IT Calculator is a tool to give you an idea of what your company can expect to save.

Learn more about plug load devices from Plug-IT to start taking control of your  plug load!

The Application Engineer and the Mascot

We’ve got some Bruins fans among us here at CCI. A couple of them were at the Bruins game last night against the New Jersey Devils. If you were at TD Garden or watching the game last night, you may have even seen them on the Jumbotron – or paling around the Garden with their new friend Blades!

CCI and the Bruins Mascot

The Bruins Mascot, Blades, hanging out with CCI’s Application Engineer

Connect-Air International – Low Voltage Cabling for Today’s Commercial Building

Connect Air CableCommercial buildings have become increasingly automated as technology advancements have created more sophisticated and automated systems. It is more important than ever to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs associated with HVAC and lighting. Security trends continue to drive the amount of low voltage wire and cable as the demand for access control and security monitoring at building facilities increases.

Connect Air Cable Use

Applilcations for Connect Air Cable

As various systems need to be able to integrate and communicate with each other, it is even more critical that the RIGHT cable is used in these applications. It is even more important to keep up with what these OEM systems require for power and communication. THAT’S CONNECT-AIR!

  • Over 5000+ SKUs of low voltage cable
  • PVC and Plenum Cables
  • Specializing in BAS system cables
  • Alerton, Trane, Siemens, JCI, Honeywell, etc…
  • BACnet and LONWORKS
  • Fire Alarm- FPLR/FPLP
  • Various Colors and Stripes
  • Packaging Options
  • Private Labeled Jackets and Colors
  • Connect-Air provides low voltage cable for all aspects of a commercial environment… General Low Voltage, HVAC, Building Automation/Energy Management, Security, Fire Alarm, Lighting, Refrigeration, and Data/TeleCom.

Contact CCI for cable pricing and availability.


How to Find Your Host ID for a Tridium License

From time to time we are asked “How do I find my host ID?”.  We typically get this question when a laptop is being replaced and a customer needs the license moved to another computer. Follow these step-by-step instructions on how to find your host ID on a computer where the software is installed.

Step 1:  From the Windows start menu click all programs/Vykon AX Supervisor/Console

Tridium License Host ID

Step 2:  At the message prompt enter: nre –hostid (there is a space between the nre and hyphen)

Step 3: View your host ID. It starts with the letters Win followed by letters, numbers, and dashes (in this example, the host ID has been obscured)

Tridium Host ID


Control Consultants, Inc. is a Vykon Systems Distributor (VSD) for Canada, Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont. Contact us for more information.

Green Building Technologies

In a recent TechCrunch article, Green Building Technology You’ll Never See But Can Experience Now, the following alarming statistics were provided to call attention to the urgent need for technology innovation that addresses energy consumption:

  • The U.S. generates more CO2 emissions than any country in the world except China
  • Commercial and residential properties generate approximately 40% of the emissions in the U.S.
  • Almost 30% of the $202 billion spent annually on U.S. commercial and industrial energy wasted

lighting integrationThe article discusses some of the amazing waste conversion technology, renewable energy technology, and intelligent building technology that are available now such as:

  • Biogas digesters. They turn methane from food waste into electricity.
  • The world’s first air-cleaning paint.  It breaks down nitrous oxide and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) into harmless substances by interacting with light.
  • Smart lighting. Entire lighting systems can adjust lighting levels in response to a factor such as the amount of natural light available at a given time.

At Control Consultants, Inc. (CCI), our single overriding purpose is to help our customers conserve energy in their buildings. We are always encouraged to see it in practice, and to learn about innovations in smart building technology, as well as other exciting sustainability innovations such as waste conversion and renewable energy technologies.


Open Source Software and Building Integration

What is open source?
This video explains the concept of open source.

Why is open source so important in our industry?
Technology is developed at such a rapid rate these days, software (and available software support) for controls may become obsolete while the parts and controls may still be perfectly functional. Open source creates more opportunities for using controls longer, and opens the door for all kinds of systems and controls to work together.

An example: the Sedona Framework
Easy IO and Contemporary Controls are examples of manufacturers we carry who create controls that  leverage the Sedona Framework. Developed by Tridium, the Sedona Framwork is an open source development environment for the building integration industry. It provides a complete software platform for developing, deploying, integrating, and managing pervasive device applications at the lowest level. The Sedona Framework is an easy way for manufacturers to build their own device to internet applications rather than needing to build their own applications or use complex and difficult embedded programming tools.