How Insertion Vortex Meters Work

Yesterday, we posted about how Azbil Vortex inline flowmeters work. Today’s post addresses how insertion style vortex meters work.

Insertion style vortex meters measure flow by detecting the local velocity at a strategically located position within the pipe. Using local velocity, calculated by measuring the rate at which vortices are alternately shed from a bluff body within the sensor, the AX2300 uses parameters such as fluid type, pipe size, and Reynolds number to calculate accurate measurements.

Vortek Meter from Azbil

Insertion Vortex Meter

The AX2300 offers flow computer functionality in a compact, hottappable field device. It can be configured to deliver up to three analog 4-20mA outputs of five process measurements, including volumetric flow rate, mass flow rate, pressure, temperature and density. With the Energy Monitoring option, the AX2200 and AX 2300 can also be configured to measure energy consumption within a process or plant.

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Vortex Inline Flowmeters

CCI is pleased to announce that we now sell Vortex Inline Flowmeters from Azbil. Vortex flow meters help you get precise measurements and can be installed almost anywhere.

The AX Series of Vortex inline flowmeters measure flows of liquid, gas,
and steam by measuring the rate at which vortices are alternately shed
from a bluff body; this rate has been shown to be directly proportional
to the flow velocity.

Vortex Inline Flowmeters

Vortex inline flowmeter

As flow passes a bluff body in the stream, vortices create pressure
differentials which are measured by a piezoelectric crystal sensor, which
converts these pulses into electrical signals. The meter uses an all welded
sensor design to create a strong unit and minimize potential leakage.

The AX Series can be configured to measure anything from simple
volumetric flow of liquids and saturated steam up through multivariable
measurements, including mass flow rate, pressure, temperature and
density of liquids and steam.

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What Is Tridium Launching in Early October?

October is a few days away, and Tridium has plans for a product launch early in the month. Learn more about the upcoming launch in this brief conversation with Tridium’s President, Nino DiCosmo, and Jenny Graves, Tridium’s VP of Marketing Communications. In addition to discussing the October launch of  the DataEye Energy Analytics Application, they also talk about what Tridium has been up to since the 2014 Niagara Summit.

Azbil Vortex Flow Meters

Vortex Flow Meter

Vortex Flow Meter

CCI now carries Vortex multivariable meters from Azbil North America (PDF).

Vortex meters employ three sensing elements in a single meter: a vortex shedding velocity sensor, an RTD temperature sensor, and a solid-state pressure transducer. Within this single instrument, you can measure the mass flow rates of gasses, liquids, and steam with far more accuracy than with external measurement techniques which may not adequately compensate for dynamic process conditions. With the flexibility to install in almost any location—including hot tapping—you can get precise measurements from nearly any location when you need it.

Multivariable capability within this single housing can also simplify systems, reduce equipment cost, and ease installation and maintnence hassles. The wide variety of options and configurations available ensures that there is a meter for any application requirement.

The Readings You Want

  • Volumetric or mass flow monitoring of most liquids,
    gasses, and steam
  • Delivers multiple readings from a single installed
    location, reducing cost and complexity
  • Compensated mass flow readings
  • Energy Monitoring in real time
  • Simple and reliable – no moving parts, easy
    installation, no fluid to sensor contact
  • Rangeability up to 100:1
  • Temperature up to 750ºF
  • Pressure up to 1500 psig

Right Where You Need Them

  • Inline install in pipes from 1/2” to 8”
  • Hot-tap without process shutdown in any pipe
    larger than 2”
  • Field configurable
  • Remote electronics option for harsh environments
    or difficult locations
  • 4-20mA – loop-powered technology saves on
    energy costs
  • HART protocol – Standard
  • Modbus and BACnet communications available
  • FM, FMC, ATEX, IECEx Approved

Many Configurations
Depending on your needs, these meters are available in the following configurations:

AX2200/2300 – Delivers direct readings of volumetric
flow rate in applications ranging from general water flows to
hudrocarbon fuel flow measurement.

AX2211/2311 – Integrates a precision 1000 Ω platinum
RTD temperature sensor for output of a compensated mass
reading, typically for flow rates of saturated steam.

AX2222/2322 – Flow computing functionality in a compact
field device. This multivariable instrument features both
temperature and pressure sensors to provide instantaneous
reading of compensated mass flow rates of gasses, liquids
and steam. Offers basic output and alarm as well as up to
three 4-20 mA outputs of live process measurements. These
output selections are field configurable. The AX2233/2333 offers the same functionality using an external pressure input.

AX2244/2344 – Allows for real-time measurement of
energy consumption for a facility or process in steam, hot
water, or chilled water. Uses the input from a second sensor
on the opposite leg of the process to calculate the change
in energy. Can be configured to read in Btu, joules, calories,
Watt-hours, Megawatt- hours, and horsepower hours. Local
or remote electronics indicate two temperatures, delta T,
mass total and energy total.

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Honeywell Dampers from CCI

We put together a quick video about the benefits of ordering Control Consultants, Inc.’s featured Honeywell Dampers which include Rectangular Volume Control Dampers, Round dampers, and Airfoil Control Dampers.

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The BASremote is Even More Flexible

basremoteThe BASremote has evolved over the years from its original intent as a BACnet/IP remote I/O device. Contemporary Controls was one of the first to add a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option ― allowing the device to operate without the need for control panel power. Next they added Modbus RTU to BACnet/IP gateway functionality which greatly expanded the point handling capability of the unit. Then we added Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU routing ― providing the BASremote with Modbus TCP client capability. Next, they added a Sedona Framework virtual machine (SVM) eventually obtaining Sedona 1.2 certification ― making the BASremote a freely-programmable B-ASC controller. The Linux-based BASremote is appropriately identified as a versatile BACnet/IP controller/gateway, but they did not stop there. By listening to customers they are releasing several new features.

BASremotes with firmware release 3.7.7 have these added features:

  • Simplified trending
  • Authentication
  • Secure email notifications
  • Convenient firmware upgrades
  • Simplified Trending

Equipped with expansion modules, the BASremote can have up to 32 I/O points. With an installed Modbus device profile and attached Modbus devices, the number of points can increase dramatically. Each of these points can be trended using a simple “check-the-box” web page. Up to 150,000 data points can be saved before rollover of data. The output is a CSV-compliant file that can be manipulated using a standard spreadsheet program.

Unauthorized access can now be prevented with password protection. This includes web page access, Java use, Sedona program protection and access to trend data.

Secure Email Notifications
Events captured in a Sedona program can trigger an email alert. Encrypted email services used by both Google and Yahoo can be used to carry these messages. The BASremote now supports SSL/TLS over port 465 and STARTTLS over port 587. It will continue to support traditional port 25 email services.

Convenient firmware upgrades
The BASremote is built upon a Linux platform and therefore supports the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for making firmware revisions. With version 3.7.7 we have introduced a firmware update process based upon a simple web page action that removes the FTP complexity.

Any BASremote with version 3.1.2 or higher can be upgraded to version 3.7.7 using the traditional FTP process that can be found on the BASremote support page. There is no charge for the upgrade version. Also on the same support page is a new application note explaining how Modbus to BACnet mapping is accomplished in the BASremote.


Roof Top Unit Control

CCI’s Eco-Optimizer optimizes roof top unit Kw and natural gas usage and returns using proven advanced control strategies, supply fan optimization algorithms, and indoor air quality CO2 demand controlled ventilation sequences.

Roof Top Unit ControlThe Eco-Optimizer is an all-inclusive pre-wired kit that includes everything you need for a straightforward installation. The kit includes:
• A BACnet-IP and BACnet-mstp enabled BMS ready custom programmed microprocessor controller
• All unit sensors
• A VFD Speed Drive
• Wiring cable whips (pre-labeled and
terminated in the E-O control panel)
• Wiring and installation manuals

The Eco-Optimizer roof top unit control solution is also available with the optional Eco-Optimizer Remote, an optional remote management and control package that transforms the solution into a state of the art web enabled DDC BMS system in a box.

For more information about the Eco-Optimizer and Eco-Optimizer Remote, the most comprehensive RTU retrofit product on the market, contact us at 781-335-8353 and view the Eco-Optimizer Roof Top Unit Control Data Sheet (PDF).