The BASremote is Even More Flexible

basremoteThe BASremote has evolved over the years from its original intent as a BACnet/IP remote I/O device. Contemporary Controls was one of the first to add a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) option ― allowing the device to operate without the need for control panel power. Next they added Modbus RTU to BACnet/IP gateway functionality which greatly expanded the point handling capability of the unit. Then we added Modbus TCP to Modbus RTU routing ― providing the BASremote with Modbus TCP client capability. Next, they added a Sedona Framework virtual machine (SVM) eventually obtaining Sedona 1.2 certification ― making the BASremote a freely-programmable B-ASC controller. The Linux-based BASremote is appropriately identified as a versatile BACnet/IP controller/gateway, but they did not stop there. By listening to customers they are releasing several new features.

BASremotes with firmware release 3.7.7 have these added features:

  • Simplified trending
  • Authentication
  • Secure email notifications
  • Convenient firmware upgrades
  • Simplified Trending

Equipped with expansion modules, the BASremote can have up to 32 I/O points. With an installed Modbus device profile and attached Modbus devices, the number of points can increase dramatically. Each of these points can be trended using a simple “check-the-box” web page. Up to 150,000 data points can be saved before rollover of data. The output is a CSV-compliant file that can be manipulated using a standard spreadsheet program.

Unauthorized access can now be prevented with password protection. This includes web page access, Java use, Sedona program protection and access to trend data.

Secure Email Notifications
Events captured in a Sedona program can trigger an email alert. Encrypted email services used by both Google and Yahoo can be used to carry these messages. The BASremote now supports SSL/TLS over port 465 and STARTTLS over port 587. It will continue to support traditional port 25 email services.

Convenient firmware upgrades
The BASremote is built upon a Linux platform and therefore supports the File Transfer Protocol (FTP) for making firmware revisions. With version 3.7.7 we have introduced a firmware update process based upon a simple web page action that removes the FTP complexity.

Any BASremote with version 3.1.2 or higher can be upgraded to version 3.7.7 using the traditional FTP process that can be found on the BASremote support page. There is no charge for the upgrade version. Also on the same support page is a new application note explaining how Modbus to BACnet mapping is accomplished in the BASremote.


Roof Top Unit Control

CCI’s Eco-Optimizer optimizes roof top unit Kw and natural gas usage and returns using proven advanced control strategies, supply fan optimization algorithms, and indoor air quality CO2 demand controlled ventilation sequences.

Roof Top Unit ControlThe Eco-Optimizer is an all-inclusive pre-wired kit that includes everything you need for a straightforward installation. The kit includes:
• A BACnet-IP and BACnet-mstp enabled BMS ready custom programmed microprocessor controller
• All unit sensors
• A VFD Speed Drive
• Wiring cable whips (pre-labeled and
terminated in the E-O control panel)
• Wiring and installation manuals

The Eco-Optimizer roof top unit control solution is also available with the optional Eco-Optimizer Remote, an optional remote management and control package that transforms the solution into a state of the art web enabled DDC BMS system in a box.

For more information about the Eco-Optimizer and Eco-Optimizer Remote, the most comprehensive RTU retrofit product on the market, contact us at 781-335-8353 and view the Eco-Optimizer Roof Top Unit Control Data Sheet (PDF).

Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO)

Control Consultants, Inc. (CCI) does everything we can to help our customers consolidate and streamline their MRO purchasing. To accomplish that, we carry, stock, and source a tremendous number of products, and partner directly with over a dozen MRO manufacturers. Whether a customerHoneywell needs one or 1,000 items, we are a single source to procure brand new, high quality MRO products from trusted manufacturers at competitive prices.

Some of the Maintenance, Repair, and Operations (MRO) manufacturers we work with include Siemens, Honeywell, Schneider Electric, Johnson Controls, and Belimo.

SiemensWe carry a large range of MRO parts including: Actuators, Aquastats, DDC Controls, Dampers, Electric Controls, Electronic Controls, Pneumatic Controls, Lighting Controls, Motor Starters, Relays, Thermostats, Variable Frequency Drives, and much more.

For more information, see our Maintenance, Repair, and Operations Overview (PDF), visit our online store to see products, or contact us at (781) 335-8353 to see how we can make your MRO product purchasing as simple as can be.


Energy Efficiency Event at Harpoon Brewery

photo 15This week, we held our second annual event at Harpoon Brewery in Boston, MA. It was an opportunity to bring together a great group of people including representatives from 16 manufacturers, and customers from throughout Boston and as far as Maine and Connecticut.

photo 9Vendors exhibited energy-related products, and were able to have one-on-one conversations with dozens of customers. Our generous vendors also brought awesome raffle prizes and many customers went home with amazing loot including a TV, Samsung tablets, an ipad, $150 restaurant gift certificates, EnTouch thermostats, airscan from Thermokon, a Honeywell LyricBelimo‘s ZTH US & PS-100 power supply and signal generator tool, and the list goes on…

photo 14Harpoon gave brewery tours, and served up delicious drinks and huge, soft pretzels. KO Pies fed us tasty Aussie pies and other appetizers.


Thank you to all our customers who made the trip into Boston (during rush hour!) photo 8and the following participating vendors:

Automation Components, Inc. (ACI)
Blue Ridge Technologies International
EDOS Manufacturers’ Reps, Inc.
Entouch Controls
Functional Devices
Honeywell Analytics Inc.
Schneider Electric
Vykon by Tridium

Looking to purchase automatic building controls to make your buildings more energy efficient? Visit our online store at or call us at (781) 335-8353. 

Air Products and Controls – SL-701 CO Detection

APC SL-701 CO DetectionWe all know that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that can not be detected by human senses and it is important to keep ourselves, customers and building occupants safe.. The SL-701 DETECTOR manufactured by Air Products and Controls is a way to do this. This detector will sample the air flow at the AHU supply/return and in turn determine if there are dangerous levels of CO. If detected, the SL-701 by Air Products and Controls will shut down the AHU in order to prevent the distribution of the harmful gas to the occupied space.

In addition to the SL-701 DETECTOR the MSR-50-CO can remotely notify building maintenance/management of the shutdown.Where does this Air Products and Controls CO detector and remote indicator work?

Where does this Air Products and Controls CO detector and remote indicator work?

  •  The SL-701 DETECTOR and MSR-50-CO can be used in industrial, residential or commercial duct
  • Ideal for schools, hotels, medical facilities and other commercial buildings.

When you think about building safety remember the SL-701 DETECTOR and MSR-50-CO by Air Products and Controls.


Honeywell Lyric Thermostat

Lyric Thermostat from HoneywellHave you heard about the new Lyric thermostat by Honeywell?

We’ve been talking a lot about it here in our office, not just because it is a new product we carry, but… we all want one and the convenience it offers! It is a new sleek take on the traditional round thermostat. It is small but mighty – with a 3-inch diameter polished glass face and a depth of only 1-inch. It also has a motion sensor activated touch screen, and it can automatically regulate heating/cooling while taking into consideration the temperature and humidity.

A Thermostat With Geofencing
Going out? Enable geofencing, this unique feature will allow the Lyric thermostat to automatically adjust based on your smartphoneʼs location. Or simply activate the Away button to set the temperature back while you are out. You benefit with comfort when you are home and savings when you are away.

Honeywell’s Lyric is one of the most compatible thermostats in the market. Here are some indications as to whether it is the right one for you:

  • The Honeywell Lyric is designed to work on most low voltage systems however will not work with 110v or higher
  • If your current thermostat (Honeywell or another brand) uses think wire connected by wire nuts the Lyric is not compatible
  • Honeywell’s Lyric (WiFi thermostat) is compatible with 2.4 GHz B, G,N and other mixed WiFi.
  • The Honeywell Lyric app is compatible with Apple iPhone and tablets using iOS6 and above, Android smart phones and tablets using Gingerbread 2.3.4 and above

So the next time you walk to your thermostat to manually adjust the setting think to yourself “What will they think of next…”

Visit our online store or call 781-335-8353 for more information and to purchase the Honeywell Lyric.


KMC Controls: HVAC and Control Solutions for 45 years

Since the beginning, KMC Controls has designed innovative products and control solutions becoming an industry leader for VAV products. Pneumatic controls were the foundation of KMC when the company began in 1969. The company moved to the USA in 1974 and KMC products are still proudly made in the USA. KMC systems are ISO 9001 compliant and KMC is committed to transitioning all products to fulfill RoHS environmental standards. KMC now has a full line of HVAC components (pneumatic, analog electronic and digital) along with building automation software and control solutions.

Bullitt Center in Seatle, WA (image source: Groundworks Strategies)

Bullitt Center in Seatle, WA (image source: Groundworks Strategies)

The Bullitt Center in Seattle
KMC features many Projects and Case Studies on its website showing KMC products in use all over the world and in groundbreaking projects like the Bullitt Center in Seattle, Washington. The Bullitt Center is called the world’s “greenest” and most energy efficient office building. Earth Day 2013 marked the official opening of The Bullitt Center. KMC products were used not only for typical energy-saving HVAC features such as controlling heating and cooling and air quality management but for a pioneering rainwater collection, filtration and purification system, smart windows, and solar energy systems that make the Bullitt Center a living demonstration of sustainability and energy efficiency possibilities. In addition to LEED platinum certification and many advances in green energy and sustainable building practices, the Bullitt Center hopes to demonstrate continuous net zero days for energy and water consumption and inspire further advances in building innovation and green energy.

2014 marks the 45th anniversary of KMC Controls and KMC continues to advance HVAC and building automation and control solutions. In April 2014, KMC Controls released the Simply VAV product line, a new solution to simplify variable air volume projects. The digital VAV controllers/actuators and line of sensors are simple to use yet can be integrated into complex VAV system. With this addition to the KMC product line we can only wonder what the future will bring.

CCI is proud to offer KMC and Simply VAV products. Visit our online store or call us at 781-335-8353 for more information.