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Download Easy IO's Updated CPT Tools and FG firmware

Posted by Michael Donahue on March 2017

Easy IO recently released a major update to their CPT Tools and the firmware of their FG series. This blog post describes the updates, and provides links to download the updates.

easy-io.jpgDownload the Latest FG Series Firmware

The FG firmware Updates

  • Improvement on Bacnet Service
  • Improvement on Bacnet Schedule
  • Improvement on Bacnet Client
  • Improvement on Modbus TCP master/gateway
  • Improvement on Modbus RTU Master/Slave
  • Implementation of TLS tunneling
  • Email service now supports SSL smtp server and csv attachment
  • They created a kit with the most commonly used HVAC control objects. You can now use 1 kit instead of 2 kits (easyioHvac and easyioEnergy)
  • The new kit is called easyioCommon which has analogFilterV2, LeadLagRuntime, PID, SequenceLoop and singleLoop.

Note: When you install this firmware make sure you have the fg.config file in the web folder of the sdcard in your controller. If this file is not on the sdcard, the controller goes to default IP address.

Download the Latest CPT Tool

The CPT Tools updateS

Dashboard updates:
  • Improvement to support actions
  • Improvement on screen of mobile device
  • Improvement of widget's layout
SQL updates:
  • Improvement on phpLiteAdmin
  • Improvement on data_exporter
  • Implementation of AuthKey feature
Web server updates:
  • Improvement on widgets
  • Improvement of actions in graphics web page
  • Improvement on security of web server

Tool updates:

  • Improvement on wiresheet interface
  • Improvement on email service
  • Improvement on BACnet discovery
  • Removed the lock/unlock button on widget

Download the Latest Sedona FG folder

Make sure you are using the latest version of the kits by downloading the latest SedonaFG folder that is linked above.

Download the Latest EasyIO FG-LCD driver

Easy IO enhanced the FC LCD driver for Niagara 4, and now the device is not a page. To add a page on FG LCD you just need to add a folder in the device.

Interested in learning more about Easy IO? Contact Us!

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