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Using RIB® Relays with Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)

Posted by Guest Blogger on January 2017

This is a guest post from Functional Devices.

On my last technical support day, I received a few questions about whether our RIB® current sensors work well with variable frequency drive (VFD) motor controllers. The short answer is yes, but there are a couple key points worth noting.

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Take FIN for a Spin with J2 Innovations

Posted by Michael Donahue on December 2016

Control Consultants Inc. is proud to present a Lunch and Learn about J2 Innovations’ FIN 4.0 software. This is a no cost one-day training and trial called 'Take FIN for a Spin'. The event will be held at on Tuesday, January 10th, 2017 at CCI in Weymouth, MA.


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Attracting Young, Technically-Savvy Talent to the Building Automation Industry

Posted by James Donahue on July 2016

Ask most college students about “building automation” and it’s likely you’ll get a blank stare in return. This simple example illustrates a growing trend in our industry: the lack of young, fresh minds being attracted to building controls.

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EnOcean Technology Explained (Video)

Posted by RibRelays on January 2015

Interested in learning more about EnOcean technology? This video from the EnOcean Alliance is a great place to start.

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Connect-Air International - Low Voltage Cabling for Today’s Commercial Building

Posted by RibRelays on January 2015

Commercial buildings have become increasingly automated as technology advancements have created more sophisticated and automated systems. It is more important than ever to increase energy efficiency and reduce costs associated with HVAC and lighting. Security trends continue to drive the amount of low voltage wire and cable as the demand for access control and security monitoring at building facilities increases.

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Open Source Software and Building Integration

Posted by RibRelays on December 2014

What is open source?
This video explains the concept of open source.

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Schneider Struxureware Lite: Revolutionizing energy retrofit projects

Posted by RibRelays on December 2014

 Structureware Lite from Schneider Electric (part # MPM-GW)

Schneider Struxureware Lite (SSL) is an innovative product from our friends at Schneider Electric. It is the missing link in building retrofit and energy projects.

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Integrating Lighting And HVAC Controls

Posted by RibRelays on November 2014

In many buildings, HVAC and lighting are separate systems, but it doesn't need to be that way. In fact, lighting and HVAC systems integration is an excellent way for facility managers to improve their building's performance and comfort. The integration can decrease a facility's energy consumption and environmental footprint.

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Air Products and Controls – SL-701 CO Detection

Posted by RibRelays on August 2014

We all know that Carbon Monoxide (CO) is a deadly gas that can not be detected by human senses and it is important to keep ourselves, customers and building occupants safe.. The SL-701 DETECTOR manufactured by Air Products and Controls is a way to do this. This detector will sample the air flow at the AHU supply/return and in turn determine if there are dangerous levels of CO. If detected, the SL-701 by Air Products and Controls will shut down the AHU in order to prevent the distribution of the harmful gas to the occupied space.

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Redundant Sump Pump Controller

Posted by RibRelays on July 2014


Contemporary Controls has published an application note that describes a redundant sump pump controller system that incorporates a BASremote BACnet controller executing Sedona Framework logic to run the redundant pumping application. Redundancy is stressed in different points of the design. Alarm and event messages are sent via email alerts. Remote access to the controller is accomplished by opening up ports on the homeowner’s residential gateway. The two sump pumps are provided a lead-lag sequence to even out run times and to verify that each pump is operating properly.

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